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A Systematic Inquiry of Media Efficacy in Pakistan with Respect to Government Accountability

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This research article was intended for finding the role of media in fostering government accountability in Pakistan. Furthermore, the mediating role of political parties was also checked through mediation analysis. This study utilized the information brought together through a structured adapted questionnaire among the participants of this study chosen through probability sampling technique from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It was revealed that through the analysis of the primary data that there is a considerable association found between media and government accountability. Furthermore, it was also proved that the media could significantly predict accountability. The data also revealed that people believed that political parties have a significant mediating role between media and government accountability. This study concluded that the media revolution in the advent of new kinds of media, conventional and non-conventional, has also had a profound impact on government accountability.


1-Ahsan Ullah
PhD Scholar, Department of Political Science, Qurtuba University, D.I.Khan, KP, Pakistan.

2-Azmat Ali Shah
Assistant Professor, Qurtuba University, D.I.Khan, KP, Pakistan.


Conventional Media, New Media, Accountability, Political Parties

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Published: Dec 2018

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