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Examining Etiological Connection between Antisocial Behavior and Moral Disengagement: Evidence from Tourism & Hospitality Sector

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It is estimated that by 2025, tourism & hospitality sector will contribute US$7.1 billion (₨ 1 trillion) to the economy of Pakistan. However, one can only attach such high hopes to this sector when human resource in this sector displays prosocial behavior to both domestic and foreign tourists. The objective of the study is to examine the level of antisocial behavior of the managers working in this sector and test its relationship with moral disengagement. We also examine ethical orientation as mediator and ethical leadership as moderator in this relationship. Data were collected from 253 managers working in the hospitality and tourism sector of Pakistan. We find that moral disengagement has significant effect in promoting antisocial behavior by easing and expediting a process where actors convince themselves that ethical standard do not apply on them. We also find that ethical orientation mediates and ethical leadership moderates this relationship respectively.


1-Amna Tariq
PhD Scholar, School of Management, Air University Islamabad, Pakistan

2-Shahzad Khurram
Assistant Professor, School of Management, Air University Islamabad, Pakistan.

3-Amir Ishaque
Assistant Professor, School of Management, Air University Islamabad, Pakistan.


Moral Disengagement, Anti-Social Behavior, Ethical Orientation, Ethical Leadership

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IV - I

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Published: Dec 2019

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