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The Effect of Personality and Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions and Behaviours in Developing Economies

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Entrepreneurship has always been regarded as a multi-disciplinary subject and a purely intentional process which cannot be completely assessed without examining the psychological factors. In this study, the relationship between Entrepreneurial intentions and entrepreneurial behavior has been examined and how the Big-Five personality traits and education about entrepreneurship enhance or minimize the role of intentions in determining behavior. NEOFFI personality inventory, Entrepreneurial Intentions Inventory and Knowledge about Entrepreneurship inventory were used to collect data from 270 respondents through non-probability (convenience and quota) sampling to ensure the representation of business graduates, entrepreneurs and employees from public and private sectors in Pakistan. The regression analysis revealed that the Big-Five personality traits and education had a significant impact on the entrepreneurial with no mediation of intentions. It holds significance by imposing that increased education and awareness about entrepreneurship can help direct the professionals and prospects towards a successful venture creation and sustenance.


1-Nida Kamal
Senior Lecturer, Business Studies, Bahria Business School, Pakistan.

2-Hina Samdani
Senior Assistant Professor, Business Studies, Bahria Business School, Pakistan.


Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Intentions, Personality, Education, Behavior

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Published: Dec 2019

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