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Adequate Access to Retail Stores for Purchase Behaviour through Sustainable Attractiveness and Purchase Intention

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With the world's increased urbanization, the exchange process's view is fetching more efficiency in the shopping process. This trend is changing customer's intentions towards the retail stores. This article examines how the perception of access reshapes the customer's purchase decision in developing countries and how the retail stores' sustainable attractiveness intervenes in the purchase decision making. The point of sale convenience sampling technique is used with data from 669 urban retail customers' in the current study. The results have revealed that purchase intention and sustainable attractiveness of the retail store sequentially intervene relationship between the customer's access to the retail store and the purchase behaviour. Moreover, this study has also explored the vital link between purchase intention and purchase behaviour in Pakistan's urban organized retail stores. This study provides new insights for retailers and urban planners to manage the store's location for more efficient exchange and increase customer patronage.


1-Numair Ahmed Sulehri
Foundation University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2-Aziz Ur Rehman Rana
Foundation University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

3-Muhammad Naeem
Foundation University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Access, Purchase Intention, Purchase Behaviour, Retail, Sustainable Attractiveness

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VI - I

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Published: Mar 2021

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