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Does CSR add Value to Service Innovation Performance via HRM? A Conceptual Framework and Future Research Agenda

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Drawing upon social exchange theory, the present study conceptualizes CSR as a strategic asset, and organizational CSR initiatives influence employee’s attitudes and behaviors, including citizenship and innovative behavior. CSR can be aligned with HR strategies to get employees boost and committed to their organization. CSR strategy from an employee perspective may become a rare, valuable, non-substitutable and inimitable resource that gives organizations’ strategic and sustainable competitive advantages. The study concludes CSR is a promising area that affects employee’s attitudes and behaviors within the framework of HRM. Current literature is inconsistent and lacks maturity. The present study integrates CSR with attitudes and behaviors from an innovation perspective. CSR as a strategic resource is an attraction for stakeholders, including employees.


1-Abdul Latif
PhD Scholar, Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Noor Ul Hadi
Associate Professor, Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus, Punjab, Pakistan.

3-Jamila Khurshid
Assistant Professor, University of Poonch Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Affective Commitment, Employee Innovative Behavior, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Competitive Advantage

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Published: Sep 2020

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