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Emotional Intelligence Supports Transformational LeadershipStyle: A Survey of Local Government District D.I. Khan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

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In the contemporary world of stress and insecurity in developing countries like Pakistan, emotional intelligence has earned critical importance as an effective tool for organizational leadership. Literature suggests that when human devotion, motivation and commitment are the keys to organizational success, transformational leadership with sufficient command over emotional intelligence is the only package that can help successful operations of the organization. This study tests the same model of positive relations between EI & TRFLS and negative links of EI with TRSLS in the 'local government' work environment using local government leaders as the unit of analysis. Literature and field surveys for data collection and statistical tools for data analysis have been applied to serve the purposes of this study. The results confirm the hypothesized relationships between predictor and criterion variables with specific 'statistics' warranting further work on strengthening the interactions between TRFLS and EI.


1-Qudratullah Khan
Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan, KP, Pakistan.


Emotional Intelligence (EI), Transformational Leadership Style (TRFLS), Transactional Leadership Styles (TRSLS)

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Published: Mar 2021

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