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The Job Satisfaction among Female Police Officials in National Highways and Motorway Police: Issues and Opportunities

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Job satisfaction form women especially in unconventional sectors is an important area to explore. The paper tried to find out whether female officials are satisfied with their job or not. The study employed the mix method approach with open-ended and close-ended questionnaire. A total of 49 participants, including chief patrol officers to junior patrol officers, were selected through systematic random sampling. The findings indicated that overall females are satisfied, therefore very high job retention was observed. Young female officials are more satisfied than others with departmental salary, workplace environment etc. However, regarding Medical and reward policy, they were not satisfied. The married females were facing an imbalance between work and family due to less support from family and workload. In area of foreign training opportunities, experience of discrimination was reported. Study concludes that the situation at family and society level needs to be addressed more.


1-Syed Imran Haider
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2-Azhar Waqar
PhD Candidate, Department of International Relations, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan.


policing, female police officers, job satisfaction, police patrol, discrimination

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Published: Mar 2020

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