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Impact of Sustainability Approaches on Organizational Economic Performance: Intervening Role of Quality and Innovative Performance

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The idea of corporate sustainability practices has received a lot of attention from management analysts and scholars because it has been shown to have a positive effect on organizational performance. The aim of this study was to find whether QP and IP mediates the relationship between sustainability practices and organizational economic performance. To investigate the specified relationship, Purposive sampling was used to select 227 employees from the banking to participate in this study. Data was collected using a closed-ended questionnaire with a five-point Likert-type scale. Instrument validity was measured through exploratory factor analysis, and instrument reliability was measured using Cronbach's alpha. Regression analysis was used to test the research hypotheses, and for indirect effect mediation analysis was used. according to regression analysis, Sustainability exploration and exploitation have a significant and positive relationship with organizational economic performance. The results of the mediation analysis suggest that the relationship between the sustainability practices and organizational economic performance is mediated by both quality and innovative performance. The study found that the ability to survive in this competitive environment, businesses must change their concentration from short-term benefits to long-term sustainable benefits.


1-Afraseyab Khattak
Research Assistant, The University of Agriculture Peshawarm KP, Pakistan.

2-Sajid Rahman Khattak
Assistant Professor, The University of Agriculture Peshawarm KP, Pakistan.


Sustainability, Practices, Quality Performance, Innovative Performance, Organizational Performance, Banking

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Published: Dec 2018

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